Wealth Care Group is a distinguished group of Financial Advisors and Insurance Professionals who have had the privilege of working extensively with many prominent groups and individuals in the areas of Wealth Management, Retirement and Income Planning. We take pride in knowing that throughout the years, our group has had great success in materially improving upon our clients’ retirement and insurance plans. We mark those successes with the knowledge that we have helped to protect and preserve our clients’ wealth from market losses. In many instances, in terms of actual performance, they have often done better than expected.

Throughout our history, the work that we’ve done and the results we have produced for our clients represent the outcome of a tremendous amount of study and effort by our group; we are privileged to be described by others in the wealth management field as The Independent Excellence Group.

Our group is dedicated to the basic ideals and goals of our profession. With determination, we work to bring those attributes back to the marketplace and to the public. We know and we appreciate the importance of our clients’ wealth preservation and the potential for a guaranteed income for life during retirement years.

Those who call upon us, or are referred to us, are generally well established in their lives. They are aware that their retirement and personal investment plans are extremely important, and they have a strong need to feel confident in the plans they select. Recognizing that the retirement world has changed, they are seeking to achieve financial independence and a consistent, significant, performance - with limited losses in their plans. As independent insurance professionals, we also have the ability to provide the product solutions that will best meet our clients’ needs, without any company affiliations.

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